Concealed Cistern Toilets

Keep up with the fad and get yourself a concealed cistern toilet, it is more streamlined and it looks fantastic, not to mention how easy it is to clean underneath the bowl. They have become a popular choice lately in the location_area_short_text area, the toilet basically hangs off the wall and all the plumbing for the toilet is behind the wall, there significant holding and fasteners behind the wall to hold the weight of your body, and the cool thing is they are not that expensive, they are great also because they make more room in your bathroom as they do not take up too much space, which is a must if you have a small bathroom and would like to utilise as much room as possible.

Like we talked about before if you are looking to get one of these toilets make sure that you get the job done properly and make sure that it is held very very well into the wall otherwise you could end up in a mess down the track, which is not a pretty site, it may be a wise idea to call a plumber in the location_area_short_text area to have a look for you and to even install the job.

Before installing such a device it is important to make sure that you can actually hide your cistern into the wall, as you will need some sort of cavity to have the cistern sit into. make sure you find all of this out before buying or investing into the product, in some cases the cistern can be concealed in the roof, as long as you have access up there, in the case of living in a block of units this may not be possible.

The only thing about a concealed cistern toilet is that installing it is alot more complicated than the usual toilet, and this is where it may cost alot more than usual, as it will take alot longer for the plumber to install the product especially if the bathroom is already furnished and tiled, be prepared for a bit of mess. there is also the question of what do i do if i need to get to my cistern? well yes that will also be a difficult task, but style always come at a cost.

Usually in the case of getting to the cistern there will be large metal plate installed usually where the flush buttons are placed, this will allow for easier access to your cistern if a problem should happen, if the cistern is located up in the roof you will need to venture up there will be no need for a large metal plate.

If you are looking into getting a concealed cistern installed please call styleside plumbing and we will be more than happy to show you the best products to install for your location_area_short_text home.